Vegan Empanadas with Quick Corn DoughBy Chef by StepWant empanadas but don't have all night to let your dough sit? This crusty corn dough is ready for use immediately. If you prefer wheat over corn flour, try our other empanada recipe, Empanadas with Tender Wheat Pastry.
Vegan Empanadas with Tender Wheat PastryBy Chef by StepThe star of this recipe is the flaky, easy-to-crimp dough from Viva Vegan! The flavor and texture of this dough is so good, you'll wonder if you're not at a professional bakery. Like most good pastry, the most important ingredient is time. This dough needs to be left to chill for at least four hours! For a fast empanada without the wait time, you can try making it with the crusty corn dough from this recipe. I prefer the wheat version, but if you're in a hurry the corn dough is excellent!
Red Thai Bean ChilliBy Chef by Step Take an ordinary bean chili recipe and ad Red Thai Curry Paste to create an amazing flavor!
Chickpea “Tuna” SandwichBy Chef by StepThis recipe is inspired by one in Isa Does It, an excellent book by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. The vegan "tuna" spread stores well and makes a convenient lunch for several days.
Potato-Chickpea Enchiladas with Green Tomatillo SauceBy Chef by StepThis recipe is based on one From Terry Hope Romano's excellent book, Viva Vegan! This dish is a warm and hearty, but with healthy ingredients it will still leave you feeling comfortably light after dinner.
Vegan Bánh mìBy Chef by StepBánh mì or banh mi is a kind of sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, which is split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients. A typical Vietnamese sandwich is a fusion of proteins and vegetables from native Vietnamese cuisine such as tofu, coriander leaf (cilantro), cucumber, pickled carrots, cabbage, and daikon combined with condiments from French cuisine such as pâté, along with jalapeño and mayonnaise.
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