Shiitake Dashi, a Vegan Soup Stock (椎茸のだし)

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finished shiitake dashi 椎茸のだし
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 1 ½ tbsp furikake
 8 oz fresh shiitake mushrooms (no other mushroom will suffice)
 1 qt water

Add 1.5 tablespoons of furikake to a quart of water.

Furikake is a mix of seaweed flakes and sesame seeds. A few brands will add fish, so check the label carefully! Mishima brand’s Nori Komi Furikake is a vegan version.

add furikake to water


Thinly slice 8 oz of shiitake mushrooms. No other mushroom will do! Shiitake has a flavor that is at once rich, buttery, and meaty. It puts other mushrooms to shame.

sliced shiitake mushrooms for vegan soup stock 椎茸


Add the mushrooms to the furikake and water. Raise this mixture to a boil, then lower the temperature to simmer for at least 20 minutes.

boil shiitake mushrooms for vegan 椎茸のだし


The completed shiitake no dashi is the resulting brown liquid. Siphon the liquid and set the solid mushrooms aside to re-use in another recipe (as they are both delicious and expensive).

This liquid can be frozen for use indefinitely.

finished shiitake dashi 椎茸のだし

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