Pine Nut Vegan Crema

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finished pine nut vegan crema
Yields1 ServingCategoryCuisine
Prep Time8 mins
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Pine nut crema is from Terry Hope Romano’s excellent book, Viva Vegan! This aromatic sauce is just the thing to soothe your tongue when paired with a spicy dish.

 12 oz silken tofu
 ½ cup pine nuts
 3 tbsp lime juice
 1 tbsp oil
 2 tsp corn starch
 1 tsp minced garlic
 1 tsp salt

Gather your ingredients! The pine nuts are particularly important for this recipe. Like cashews, pine nuts will give a creamy texture when blended, but they have a unique flavor. They taste rather like a forest smells!

ingredients for vegan crema with pine nuts


Drain the tofu (but do not press). Add everything to your food processor or blender.

blending ingredients for vegan crema


Cover and blend until the sauce is smooth and creamy. The pine nuts should be totally pulverized.

blended vegan crema


Pair this sauce with a spicy dish. You can spoon it on top of casseroles before baking, or use it as a cold dip for buffalo bites. Enjoy!

finished pine nut vegan crema

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