Easy Vegan Burritos

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Plated Vegan Fajita Burrito
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 3 Anaheim peppers
 2 Green Paplano peppers
 1 Red bell pepper
 1 Orange bell pepper
 2 Small white onions
 6.50 oz preferred greens mix
 1 can of lard free refried beans
 6 lard free tortilla wraps
 2 Avocados
 1 Handful of cilantro
 3 tbsp Minced garlic
 2 tbsp ground cumin
 2 tbsp ground chilli powder
 1 tbsp Lime juice

Assemble your ingredients.

Check that you choose a wrap that uses vegetable shortening instead of lard. Refried beans also tend to have hidden lard, so double check before buying!

Vegan Fajita Burrito Ingredients


Chop the onions into thin half moons. :_(

onions as fajita burrito ingredients


Sauté the onions with two tablespoons of minced garlic until the onions are floppy. They don’t need to be fully carmelized.

Heating these aromatic plantsearly in the process activates their flavors.

For your health, Use a splash of vegetable broth or water instead of oil.

Sauté or Sautee or pan fry onions and minced garlic


While the onions cook, chop the peppers into bite sized pieces. Unlike the onions, which will become floppy, the peppers will stay relatively firm in the final product, so you want these pieces to be small.

bite size vegan fajito burrito ingredients with bell peppers, oablano peppers, and cilantro


Add the chopped peppers to the same pan as the onions and continue to sauté. Add two tablespoons each of the following spices: ground cumin and ground chilli powder. It’s better to add ground spices later than minced ones so they don’t burn.

Add a splash of water to partially submerge the vegetables, but not too much! The peppers will release some water into the pan as they cook.

Cover and cook on low medium heat for about fifteen minutes or until the peppers are at desired firmness.

pan frying peppers for vegan fajita burritos


While the peppers are cooking, wash the cilantro very thoroughly. Dirt can hide in it’s many leaves. If you don’t be careful, the final dish will taste gritty!

Sidenote: If your cilantro is wilty, you can pep it up by cutting the bottom and putting in in a cup of water, like a cut flower. Leave it for up to one hour under light to restore as much as possible.

Washing cilantro


Cut the cilantro into 1 cm peices and rinse it again under cold water in a colander.

rinsing cilantro in a colander


While the peppers are cooking, prepare the guacamole. The best way to get the meat out of an aocado: cut the avocado in half and do not point the knife towards your own palm. Poke the exposed meat with a fork many times to pre-mash it.

Poke holes in the avocado with a fork


Thinly slice the avocado meat with a spoon. Once it is in slivers, scoop it out of the rind using the spoon. Dig out the avocado seed with the spoon. Again, there is no reason to point a knife towards your own hand in this process!

slice the avocado with a spoon for guacamole


The best guacamole is simple. This is made with two avocados, one tablespoon of minced garlic, one tablespoon of lime juice, salt to taste, mashed in a bowl. Adding ground spices to uncooked food like guacamole can give it a dusty mouthfeel.

Note, the lime juice will preserve the guacamole and prevent it from browning.

Guacamole with lime juice and garlic


Heat the refried beans in a pan. Do not add oil or water to the pan. The canned beans are already softened, so just heat until they are at your desired temperature.

Heating refried beans


Once the peppers are done cooking, plate your burritos. Set down a tortilla wrap, and scoop on a line of the onion/pepper mixture, a scoop of refried beans, a spoonful of guacamole, a handful of the greens mix and cilantro. Pour on a bit of salsa, but not enough to overwhelm the fresh ingredients.

You’re done!

This recipe makes six burritos.

Plated Vegan Fajita Burrito

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