Orange Rice with Pineapple TofuBy Chef by StepThe Caribbean sits in history as the crossroads of the world. As a result, many different cultures influence Caribbean cuisine. Rice, ginger, and citrus fruits come together from all over the world to meld perfectly in this dish.
Vegan Kimbap (김밥)By Chef by StepKimbap is a Korean recipe inspired by Japanese sushi. Like sushi, you can stuff kimbap with a great many things. Korean chefs tend to favor pickled and preserved fillings. Unlike sushi, which traditionally uses only white rice, kimbap can use either brown or white rice. Treat the rice with sesame oil and a sweetener for its signature Korean taste.
Mushroom SushiBy Chef by StepMushrooms cooked in this spicy, savory, creamy sauce make an excellent filling for sushi. I'll show you how to rill it and make a cute rice ball.
Crunchy Sushi Roll with Spicy Nuts (カリカリロール)By Chef by StepThis kari kari roll sounds strange, but it is delicious! The flavor is both sweet and savory, and the crunch is out of this world. If you're the kind of person who puts peanut butter on your Oreos, this is the sushi for you.
Hot Vegan Sweet Potato BisqueBy Chef by StepA spicy, savory bisque that makes you want to eat bowl after bowl! This recipe is modified from one in Terry Hope Romano's book, Viva! Vegan.
Vegan Haggis PieBy Chef by StepHaggis, the national dish of Scotland, is the last thing you might expect to find veganized. We can fully capture the flavor of haggis by keeping the traditional ingredients of oats, barley, onions, and spices. The notorious organ meats can be replaced with mushrooms for a much improved meal!
Quick and Hot Chinese Stir FryBy Chef by StepThree ingredients give a stir-fry a distinctly Chinese flavor: garlic, scallions, and ginger. I put this trio on a variety of quick and casual dinners, and it always produces a great flavor! This recipe combines those three ingredients with soy sauce, a sweetener, and hot chili flakes to create a sticky Chinese glaze.
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